My Weekend Adquisitions

photographer: me

Some pretty stuff I´ve bought last weekend that I want to share with You, soon on new pictures 🙂


13 thoughts on “My Weekend Adquisitions

  1. sv: thank you very much! my english is not så good, but I hope you will understand me:) I like youre blog, and I hope you like my blog to,and will come back and read and comment! btw how did you find my blog, hugs!

  2. thanks to all, I spent a long time looking for beautiful feathers.
    when I saw it was love at first sight.
    then I show them more pictures.

  3. sv: oh okay! I’m glad you like it, but du you understand when I writes in swedish? but I like to have photos in my blog, so I would love to hear what you think about them! hugs

  4. me gusta la onda de las fotos (background sobre todo) creo que dicen mas que los articulos que mostras en si los championes los eh visto antes por el centro quedan bastante glam con ese fondo peludo je segui asi que esta muy buena la onda! besos

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