Quick Quick Post!

photographer: me


My holidays have been transformed into a continuous working day.

I’m taking pictures to a music tour through all the major summer spots of our country.

We are having a great time, soon I’ll upload photos from the tour.

I dont have a very good internet connection so this is a very quick post 😉




10 thoughts on “Quick Quick Post!

  1. gorgeous girl! and sounds like you have a great job as well 😀

    and also, i just wanted to tell you that i blog from this address (teenagebattlefield.devote.se) from now on.

  2. thank you! I’m so bummed, the sun is shining so bright today.. still really cold, but great sun. too bad I’m still sick:( can’t make an outfit post!

  3. Clara!!!! hace mucho que no nos pasábamos por aquí. Hemos abierto una página llamada “amigos de modamarcas” y nos gustaría mucho que estés ahí!!

    un saludo y espero que todo vaya bien


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