Natural Beauty!

photographer: me


I like to play with the lights and shadows on my pictures,

and is much better if the makeup is really basic.

I usually do not use too much makeup, the secret for me is to highlight the natural features of the face; so I chose to put accent on the eye lines making those bolder and they final touch applying a good lipstick (the red tones are my favs).

I’ve only used lipstick this time.

Spanish: Normalmente no uso muchos productos de belleza, mi secreto es resaltar las facciones naturales del rostro; me gusta remarcar las lineas de los ojos y generalmente elijo dar el toque fínal con un buen lapiz labial (los tonos rojos son mis favoritos).

Esta vez solo he usado lapiz labial.


12 thoughts on “Natural Beauty!

  1. I’m not sure why, but I love the way the light reflects off of the shoulders in the first two images. Very moody and atmospheric as if one is actually there in the room.

  2. those pictures are gorgeous you look stunning in them. I think this is the right balance of make-up between the lips and the eyes, plus I really like the lighting it highlights your features beautifully.

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