My daddy is a Rock Star!

photographer: me


I think it’s time to tell you a little more about me.
It is obvious that I loove eighties music, and I know why ……….. because it is hereditary!
My dad is one of the most talented people I know, he had/has a lot of amazing ideas, he wrote incredible lyrics that became a classics in the musical scence back in the 80´s. His incredible voice and perfect aesthetic, contributed to create, together with his friends, one of the most innovative and iconic bands in my country!
To corroborate what a proud daughter says I leave a link here with one of the videos, my dad is the singer 😉

Zero – Persecución

I’m your number one fan daddy, I love you!


12 thoughts on “My daddy is a Rock Star!

  1. Soy Uruguayo, tengo 28 años y me acuerdo muy bien de Zero. Excelente banda. Qué nostalgia da todo esto.. Y qué sorpresa encontrar a la hija de uno de los integrantes! Muy lindo es que te sientas orgullosa de tu padre. No es para menos. Un abrazo, sea cual sea tu nombre, y otro abrazo para tu padre.

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